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Human Sexuality Curriculum

Human Sexuality Curriculum

2021-2022 Update: During the 87th Texas Legislation, a new bill (Texas House Bill 1525) was adopted that requires parents or legal guardians to opt-in their students to participate in the Human Sexuality curriculum.

In Anna ISD, students in Grades  6-12 are taught Human Sexuality Curriculum through presentations by 180 degrees, a non-profit organization. 

Anna ISD believes that sexuality education begins at home. Parents or legal guardians are the primary educators of their children and can be the most important influence on your child’s health decisions. The lessons your child will receive in school are designed to reinforce what a parent or legal guardian is teaching at home, not to replace it.

180 Degrees Program

180 Degrees is a sexual risk avoidance program designed to help teenagers recognize the consequences of premarital sex, the beauty of healthy marriage relationships, and turn their thinking about sex around a whole 180 degrees. All content has been reviewed by the Anna ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and is grade-level specific and developmentally appropriate.

More information about the curriculum can be found on the 180 Degrees website.

The 180 Degree Program will be presented again in the Fall of 2022. Parents will have the option to "opt-in" their child during Coyote Crossing (registration) in August. 

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